Horn and Honey’s first event was held at Our Haven in 2011 . Since then it has moved to Camp Midian in Springville, IN. The idea for the event was born in 2005 during discussions between Morgan Jones and Laurelei Black with the idea to have a Horned God Festival in the Midwest US to help bring that energy into our lives more strongly. It has become so much more. 

Horn & Honey is a place to learn, explore and share being followers of dieties of masculine and feminine power and manifestation. A place for sharing knowledges gained and experiences shared in service and exploration of Gods and Goddesses that have horns and bear fruit. A gathering of Earth worshipers, folowers of Shamanic paths and devotees of the powers manifested in the duality of feminine and masculine archetypes.

Horn and Honey is a place to celebrate new life both in the ground and in human and animal wombs. Revel in the apex of the Sun’s peak of power, when the world is bathed in light for the longest of the year. Walk through the trees and dance round the fire to celebrate plowed fields and bounty awaiting.

Come join us as we look inward and outward to explore ourselves and the world around us and dance, drum and sing in praise of Gods and Goddesses.