Category: Rituals

Rituals – 2012

Prayer to the Progenitor Aphrodisia — Io, Kypris! Hail, Aphrodite! She who rises from Her bath off the rocky shores of Paphos! The ritual procession leads the icons of Aphrodite and Peitho (Persuasion) and the line of...

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Rituals – 2013

Opening Ritual Horns in the Shadows – Encounter the Horned One in his Guide and Dark aspects. Midsummer Revel – Come revel in the peak of the Sun and the Horned Gods power and light, through the night! Celebrate and...

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Rituals – 2017

Opening Ritual Cleansing Ritual Prayer to the Sun Cut and Clear Vigil Light and Ritual Join Sara Grey as she lights a cut and clear vigil lights. Leave behind last year’s worries, fears, and junk during this candle ritual...

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Join us each night for a Beltaine Bael Fire as we dance and celebrate the glories and joys of Goddesses and Gods of Passion, Love and Life. Bring drums, dancing and prancing feet and join us as we revel and take joy. REALLY!...

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The Wild Hunt

Always an evolving event, the goal is to meet as many folks as want met and chase as many folks as want chased. We change up how we do it every year. Come have fun with us and meet some folks!

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The Honey Pit

Environmentally friendly jello wrestling for fun and bragging rights. This fun event is designed for anyone who wants to challenge and those that accept their challenge! The jello we use is specifically designed for wrestling...

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