Category: Presenters

Shm Rs

Shm Rs is the resident drummer of the Novices of the Old Ways, an Indianapolis community, and the Sage within its coven Stone Chalice and Rising Blade. He plays in various bands including MetalHorse and co-facilitates Sacred...

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Jasmyne Ambrosia

Jasmyne Ambrosia is the owner of 3rd Eye Fortunes and a talented psychic medium and educator with a passion for community and helping others. Jasmyne hosts her divination classes, including Tarot, Cartomancy, Astrology and Palmistry, at Spiritual Gardens a metaphysical store on the south east side of Indianapolis.

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Natalie Black

Natalie Black has been involved in Paganism for 20 years and is initiated in several traditions of witchcraft. With her partner, Laurelei Black, she is one of the founders of the Spiral Castle Tradition, and writes about it at...

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Michelle Griffin

Michele Griffin has been practicing Paganism since 1987. Along with her husband Mark, she founded Church of the Living Earth in 2010. During N illness several years ago, Michele began practicing face and body art to combat...

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Laurelei Black

Laurelei Black is a hedge-rider, a cunning woman, and a traveler on the crooked path of the Witch. She is also a priestess of love and pleasure, an Ishtar-woman, an Aphrodite-woman. She is a friend to daemons and a mate to the...

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Terry Power

Terry has been a pagan reverend for over 25 years. He is owner and the guiding force behind Spiritual Unity Radio Network, which will celebrate its 1 year anniversary on the air in June. He hosts the Power Hour on Tuesday...

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