Jasmyne Ambrosia is the owner of 3rd Eye Fortunes and a talented psychic medium and educator with a passion for community and helping others. Jasmyne hosts her divination classes, including Tarot, Cartomancy, Astrology and Palmistry, at Spiritual Gardens a metaphysical store on the south east side of Indianapolis. She works from her home office space offering her divination services and glamour magicks as she is a liscened cosmetologist. Jasmyne works to transform her clients spiritually and physically.

In the last two years, she has also created a Lunar Program that includes custom readings that helps those align with the phases of the moon, the program is centered around sacred Esbats and monthly astrocasts. This includes giving her clients a psychic forecast using tarot, oracle, and cartomancy readings to give an in-depth look at their life. Last year, Ambrosia  debuted her brand, 3rd Eye Fortunes at Hannah Haunted Acres. She featured local artist’s paintings and fortune telling to provide opportunities to those wanting to showcase their skills, and hard work during psychic season. 3rd Eye Fortunes was a hit, and has since been featured in other haunted attractions such as House of Trepidation. She has now featured other tellers at local businesses such as Tappers Arcade Bar and The Coal Yard. Jasmyne is the Chuvani of The Solar Court which is an Indianapolis based coven centered around the Sun. The sisters of the eclipse celebrate and host open rituals and honor the sacred solar.Jasmyne likes a smoke with her black coffee and enjoys tribal belly dance and uplifting the sacred.