Terry has been a pagan reverend for over 25 years. He is owner and the guiding force behind Spiritual Unity Radio Network, which will celebrate its 1 year anniversary on the air in June. He hosts the Power Hour on Tuesday nights, as well as co-hosting with Robin on Thursdays. Before starting his own radio network, Terry was a long time host with numerous shows on the Pagans Tonight Radio Network, including the Pagan Priest Show. Terry is a member of the Correllean Navist Tradition and has authored many of their written works including The Correllian Creed. Terry has been writing articles for many years in various publications, you may have seen one such series he wrote for the Dayton Area Pagan Network Newsletter, titled; A Spellcrafters Perspective. He was HP for many rituals in the early days of Our Haven. Terry has been woodworking and crafting magickal and personal items from various materials for several decades. You can find him here on vendor row with his Power Tools line of goodies. Stop by to browse and chat a while. Terry and Robin have brought together their considerable combined knowledge and spiritual experience to found Mystic Trad at Owl Mountain Coven G2. The coven is dedicated to preserving the lessons taught to Robin and Terry by Owl, (Jacci Sutton) Whom Robin has been blessed to have been taught by for over 18 years. They also have founded their spiritual consulting/life coaching company, Little Stone Bridge Pathworkings, which focuses on self-improvement as a way to improve the world around us and thereby live happier healthier lives. Robin and Terry are recently engaged and are looking forward to adventuring down this journey together and raising Persephone in a loving home on Owl Mountain.