Opening Ritual

Cleansing Ritual

Prayer to the Sun

Cut and Clear Vigil Light and Ritual

Join Sara Grey as she lights a cut and clear vigil lights. Leave behind last year’s worries, fears, and junk during this candle ritual so you can move on.

Sweet Sacrifice

Calling the goddess of love! There is no magic or sweetness in life without sacrifice. Come participate with Sara Grey as we make a dedicated Sacrifice at the Aphrodite shrine and ask for her blessings in our lives.

The Gods Speak: Trance Prophesy Ritual

Centered on communication with Deity, this ritual will see Trance Priestesses or Priests bring through a God or Goddess (which ones we’ll know at the time!) to speak with ritual participants, not only as a group but one-on-one for guidance and wisdom. Drumming and chant will be used for holding energy and space as well as creating privacy for participants. While there will be people on hand to assist, please bring a camp chair or blanket to sit on, as well as water and a food item to ground yourself.

The Great Fire

An offering to the Gods and Goddesses of libation and love

Closing Ritual

Closing our Circle for the year and giving our thanks for the bounty of the weekend.