Prayer to the Progenitor

Aphrodisia — Io, Kypris! Hail, Aphrodite! She who rises from Her bath off the rocky shores of Paphos! The ritual procession leads the icons of Aphrodite and Peitho (Persuasion) and the line of joyful celebrants to the bathing place where the statues are washed and freshly adorned, the men and women are instructed in the Mysteries of Aphrodite, and the priestess gives them gifts. The ritual is performed in the Greek ritual style, with introductions and explanations beforehand. Celebrants are encouraged to wear flowers, as this is most pleasing to Aphrodite.

Midsummer Revel – Come celebrate the peak of Sol’s power and light! Celebrate and welcome the Earth Goddesses and Horned Gods as we seek to share, sing, dance, and rapture in their love and glory!